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Paint by Numbers UK

Explore the vast collection of paint by numbers UK. We have a large collection of adult paint by numbers UK in different designs, color & categories. Moreover, It is the perfect gift to create a happy place.



Paint by number kits have become a world phenomenon. Do you know the reason why? Because anyone can do it. Regardless of your age, sex, or painting skills; anyone can create a stunning piece of art. It is a proven fact that if you work 45 minutes a day on creative activity that can significantly help you reduce stress. Nothing is better and more powerful than painting. It is an activity that can significantly help you reduce stress, forget all your worries, and give some time to your brain to rest. It is a creative hobby that everyone can enjoy. It also teaches you so many other skills such as being patient and tolerant. Paint by Numbers Kits has psychological benefits as well. It helps you promote concentration and develop intellectual skills. Painting kits also help to develop creative skills and a sense of orderliness. It is a great way of learning painting skills. Additionally, Paint by Numbers kits for kids helps them to learn and develop motor skills. In adults, it helps to strengthen these skills in adults.
Let’s develop a creative hobby that everyone can enjoy! Check our collection and order yours now!


Give yourself some time to work on your inner happiness. Let your inner artist create something amazing that can make you feel happy and proud about it. It is an activity that allows you to spend some time with yourself, cherish your inner happiness, and soothes away your nerves. Here are the few benefits of paint by number kits for adults:
Feel like trying one yourself? Let’s choose from our online collection of amazing paint by number kits in the UK. New to painting? Wondering if you can do it? Don’t worry! We are an expert team if available to help and guide you through the process. Our kits will provide you everything you need to get started. We have a beautiful and easy collection of paint by number kits for kids as well. Check our online collection for painting kits for kids, adults, and more!


Doesn’t matter if you are new to painting or an artist, our paint by numbers UK kits are easy and convenient for everybody. You do not need to be an artist or previous experience in painting. We provide all the instructions, supplies and everything you will require to create a masterpiece. Our team of paint by numbers experts in the UK is available all the time. So what are the skills that you are required for paint by number kits? You will need the ability to paint within the given spaces and lines. You also need the ability to paint outside of the marked spaces. That is all. It is a very simple, easy, and fun activity to do.


It is very easy to work with paint by numbers kits. You do not need any previous experience in painting. Lets us break the steps for you.

Step 1:

Order Your Favourite Kit: You can check our online collection for Paint by Numbers in the UK. You can choose from different styles like landscape, animals, kids, maritime etc. Make sure that style you choose is close to your heart.

Step 2:

Prepare Yourself for painting: Once you receive your order, find a peaceful space where you can start working on your creativity. Collect all the supplies like brushes, paint etc. Choose a larger and clutter-free space.

Step 2:

Start Painting: Start painting on the paint by numbers canvas. Do not rush. Take your time. Go slowly. Fill out all the fields with the same numbered paint. Start working from the top and work your way down till the end.

Step 3:

Relax and Enjoy: Don’t forget to relax and calm yourself. Enjoy your imagination coming true. Give your inner artist some time to look at it and admire it. Then finally, feel the confidence and give it a big smile.


Let’s take the Struggle out of Your Inner Struggling Artist! Unleash your creativity and discover the happiness of being creative! Easy, fun, beautiful, and Creative. Order Yours now!
Choose the Painting You Love: While ordering, it is important to pay a little more attention to what your likes and dislikes are. Because it is fun to work with something close to your heart. Some people like animal paintings and others may like landscapes paint by number kits more.
Get the Folds Out: Mostly painting canvas comes rolled up and these might have some wrinkles in them. Before you start painting, make sure that you straighten up your canvas and it has no wrinkles in it.
Choose Clutter-Free Area: Make sure you choose an open area that is free of clutter. You need a space where you can keep your canvas, colours and brushes. It can help you work more effectively and efficiently.
Start from the Top: We advise you to start painting from the top to avoid any kind of smudges. This may ruin the overall look of your painting. If you are right-handed, you should start painting from the top left corner. However, if you are left-handed you should start your painting from the right side of the canvas.